When I needed some changes to accommodate a large workstation to a petite employee I called Ron. Within a week he had assessed the situation, made recommendations and installed the changes. The work station is now adaptable and comfortable for my employee. I have used Ron on multiple occasions. He is reliable, understands the intricacies of ergonomics, listens to what you need and makes recommendations appropriate for your budget. I will use MTErgoFit again and again. I highly recommend him to my patients and anyone else looking to improve a workstation for their employees or self.

Angela Listug-VapMissoula Physical Therapist

I found that sitting throughout my workday affected my ability to concentrate and left me feeling sluggish and tired at the end of the day. Ron at MT ErgoFit suggested a sit-stand desk as an option. He was able to re-use my existing desk top and attach it to a new electric sit-stand base. I can now sit when I need to and stand when I want to. Since getting the sit-stand desk, my concentration and productivity have improved and I have more energy at the end of the day. Thanks Ron!

Travis DyeAttorneyKalkstein, Johnson, and Dye, P.C.

My sit/stand desk has made the entire difference in my day. Sitting all day had gotten so uncomfortable, that I had done what many of you are probably doing and was standing at my desk even though it was not designed for that. I also stood at every meeting possible, and by the end of the day even driving home (more sitting) was miserable. I would literally avoid doing errands because I didn’t want to sit in the car. My new sit/stand desk is so comfortable and was so easily added to my existing workspace. I sit and stand as I wish and as a result I have physical control of my day. I also noticed that it solved the problem of my sore wrist, because my wrist is no longer balancing on my desk. I cannot too highly recommend Ron or his sit/stand products.

Jennifer StraughanSales ManagerMontana Radio Company

Few people know their business inside out in the way that Ron does. He’s taken a deep understanding of ergonomics to a new and more meaningful level. Whereas many people tout their know-how regarding ergonomics, Ron has demonstrated his acumen in this area. He’s worked with many of our physical therapy clients and helped them through the maze of ergonomics with exemplary results. When I need the professional help of someone who knows and understands the ergonomic needs of my patients, I immediately request the help that only Ron can provide.

Brent DodgeOwner, PTAlpine Physical Therapy

MAS appreciated the opportunity to work with MT ErgoFit, Inc. Ron was flexible and communicated effectively as we scheduled ergonomic assessments for staff. He arrived for appointments on time or early, and provided immediate value by making adjustments to work spaces and/or through his recommendations. The written evaluations are detailed and organized in a useful format. The evaluations will be a helpful reference to staff and supervisors so we can ensure we are supporting staff wellness going forward. Thanks Ron!

Staci BloombergHR GeneralistMissoula Aging Services

Ron was awesome! I have had numerous ergonomic evaluations but Ron was by far the most comprehensive.  He took the time to really listen to me and actually watched me working to see what my posture and workstation setup looked like when I worked.  Additionally, he let me try a keyboard and mouse out for a few weeks to see if they worked for me rather than my employer having to purchase something that may or may not solve my issues.  I am on my way to being pain-free thanks to his help!  Ron even followed up with me a few weeks later to see how I was doing.  I can’t recommend him enough!

Kellie BattagliaOperations and Program DirectorHomeword

I am a certified rehabilitation counselor, licensed clinical professional counselor, and a mediator. As a CRC and business owner much of my work is done at a computer. After modifying my own work site as much as possible I called Ron Veileux, CEAS at MT ERGO FIT for help. Ron’s professionalism, creativity, and perseverance was so helpful. We were able to troubleshoot different solutions until he found and made five major changes that have made a world of difference! These changes to my office space have allowed me to sit more comfortably, type more proficiently, and be more productive and for a longer period.

I highly recommend Ron Veileux, CEAS services for ergomonic solutions.

Margot Luckman

In April, I had terrible shoulder pain after working at my office computer for only about 15 minutes. I called Ron and scheduled an appointment for an assessment. He came to my office and looked at my computer setup and how I worked on it. He took pictures and gave me a report that included them, so it was clear to me what not to do. His report was detailed and complete. In addition to moving and re-positioning my work station, Ron gave me a reasonably priced chair to try. It was marvelous. Within two weeks, using my new chair and work station, my shoulder pain was gone. Thanks Ron, I wish I had found you sooner!

Cris Volinkaty, Executive Director, The Child Development Center

Office Ergonomics